Nymphenburg Palace in Munich - First Day in Munich Germany

Nymphenburg Palace in München

First Day in München Germany


At the very first day in Munich (München). Above picture shows my living place while I was in Germany. Thanks to Joerg Sneider. The place is at the center of the city. A capital of Bavaria state. It's a Maharashtra Day in Maharashtra and I am eagerly missing it. 

As a first time outside of the country, I was feeling some strange but it as nice to have such environment. As it was a different experience, I was spending time like there is no tomorrow. I was feeling a great evening with sunshine at 7 PM as well. I saw something which I had not seen in India. People were jogging, cycling, enjoying with friends. Some girls were sleeping in sunshine and feeling breeze as its start of summer.

Some strange but resulted good things I noticed were like
  1. No fan I have seen. Only heaters and that to be used every now and then.
  2. People were giving time to them.
  3. Shops not including restaurants were closed 6PM, 7PM or at most 8PM sharp.
  4. On Sunday, all shops are closed.
  5. Each public thing is not free. Most of the public things were chargable and people were following rules as well.
  6. Cutting trees are not allowed in summer. Cutting is possible only in winter and that too should be without nest. If a single nest is there, you wont get permission to cut it ever.
  7. Roads are too great. Each house have its own compound. After compound, at the side of road they have 5-10 feet passage for walking persons, following 10-15 feet for trees and then another 5-10 feet for cycles.

But this place is awesome to visit. I went to Nymphenburg Palace. A place which is a palace of Bavarian King. There is one canal which is connecting the Trams, Buses and Subways(Underground metro) to the palace. 

Here is a path to palace. We can see this one is too much clean and full of greenery.

From the front of the palace to the end of the canal.

The view of palace at the evening.

The view of palace at the evening.

As from above pictures, you can see that am a good photographer too :P

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