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Salzburg Diaries

Salzburg Diaries

Meeting With Suneesh Kumar, on Sunday, June 3rd, 2017, we headed towards Salzburg(Austria) from Munich(Germany). I started journey from Gern Subway to central station while Suneesh came from far long. We met @München Hauptbahnhof station and catch Bahn Railway. 

Start Thanks to Bayern Ticket which offers a full journey with fare of €25 only and €30 for 5 people. We headed towards the train and it arrived at scheduled time. A very strange thing I saw there, people having cycles and dogs with them for travel. In between stations, we came across only one signal and we reach there by time. Again thanks to Schengen Visa for travel without another VISA.
Reach Reached at time and moved towards city bus. Again Salzburg card gave us freedom to roam Salzburg with €27. 
To be continued...