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Trek to Chawand Fort

Half day to a greenary of Chawand...  
Type of Fort:  Chavand is a Hill fort.
Level of Difficulty:  Easy/Medium trek.
Height of fort:  3000 feet above sea level.
District: Pune, Maharashtra,India.
Taluka:  Junnar.
Base Village:  Chavandwadi.

    Chavand is the fort which was named as 'Prassanagad' by the great Maratha Ruler Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. A controversy about the name is that locals couldn't pronounce "Chamunda" hence they started calling it as "Chavand" from here after.Chavand fort is made by Buddhist carvings and sculptures which proves it being ancient the mountain of Shambhu the fort of Jivdhan on the west, Hadsar on the north, Shivneri on the east the route of Naneghat along the fort. The grandson of seventh Nijamshah whose name was 'Bahadurshah' was imprisoned here in 1594.
     In 1636 treaty was signed by the father of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. 'Shahjiraje' signed treaty with Mughals, in which mughals got Chavand. Aft…