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Best weekend destinations near Mumbai for exploring

Monsoon in Maharashtra is not always about waterlogging, flood and traffic jams. Places near Mumbai have some of the marvelous spots with green hills, lush forests, flowing springs and glinting waterfalls making for the best experience of trekking in Maharashtra. Maharashtra is a place rich in history, thanks to the tug of war over its ownership between the Mughals, the Marathas and the British East India Company. What better way to spend your weekend than making a day-trip out to one of the may forts scattered across this region! We’re talking to you, Mumbaikars! Get those trekking shoes on, and hit the trail! Sahyadri ranges have some of the best monsoons getaways that make for amazing trekking destinations near Mumbai. So here is the some amazing list of best weekend destinations near Mumbai. Read original article on The hill stations located near Mumbai offer the perfect getaway for the tre…

Half way to Matheran by walking :)

Walking around Neral to midway of Matheran This trip of us, is much older when internet was not much in use as compared to now. Rather it was an era of 2G and some of guys having 3G. So smartphones were also not much in use. So this thing is also seen by picture quality as compared to nowadays. The trip mentioned in this blog is of July 13th, 2013. Around 4 – 5 years back and so its a just refreshment of the memories.
About Matheran In city life we stay & travel in cement jungle. We can not experience true nature and its love. We always think for go to outstation to relax, to stay away from busy & hectic life. But it’s not always possible to get away from city within two-three days of time. Where Matheran is really such amazing place where nature is playing active role with you and where you can enjoy every breath with nature within in the weekend time.

Matheran is a most famous and coolest Hill Station situated in Karjat Tahsil, Raigad District of Maharashtra, India. Mathera…