About me

A boy with a boundless heart and a reckless mind, rambling about everything under the sun, waiting for inspiration and hoping to inspire others.

Travel Blogger. An avid dreamer, a bibliophile, a hopeless travel addicted, and a boy who gulps down large cups of tea many times a day and a passionate writer. I dream of traveling to as many places as life takes me. Dream to travel the world and hope to make the most of what life offers to me.

A hopeless travel addicted boy...

More of the forts from Maharashtra are travelled and much more yet to trek....

Explored Germany and Austria as well.  Exploring Next will be Singapore and Ireland followed by Andaman Islands and Maldives. :)

I lived in Kalwadi a very beautiful village.
I moved to Mumbai for education.
I now live in Pune.
I am also volunteer of Edutech Agro Foundation
I read historical books and novels and maintain a pretty big collection.
I watch a lot movies.
I have a beautiful father named Madhukar and mother named Kamal.
I write code and idiotic comments about the things I see.
I sometimes write longer idiotic comments too.
I frequently write stuff on my blog / website and have social media profiles on facebookinstagram and linkedIn too.
I share photos and videos on Trell as well.
I share my reviews about everything on google maps too.
I was the PHP Trainee at Agile Technosys, Pune.
I am not anymore, but they're still cool.
I am working with some awesome people right now to disrupt an industry.
I am the PM of Triyama Software Pvt Ltd.
I have a more detailed resume if you're into that sort of thing.

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